YXILEE Pilates Bar Kit 6 Elastic Adjustable Resistance Band Body .39.98


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YXILEE Pilates Bar Kit 6 Elastic Adjustable Resistance Band Body

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Make A Great Gift

To help you on your gifting search, we’ve rounded up an array of the best health, fitness gifts on the market to surprise your fitness-loving friends.Our Pilates set is the fitness gift for best choice.

Buy ours exercise kits for yourself or one for your friends,workout partner or family.It has clear instructions guide to help you start.This is the beginning of a surprise.


Set of 13 piece Pilates stick set

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro,ours exercise fitness set offers an essential tool selection for whole body exercise routine.Our fitness set has 13 to make sure you have everything you need to build a solid foundation or take your Pilates/Yoga exercise level to a next level.

Package include:

1 * Pilates Bar

1 * 72-inch Yoga strap

1 * Hip Resistance Exercise Band

1 * Jump rope

3 * Workout guides

6 * Resistance Exercise tubes

1 * Gym Bag


Our tear-proof and adjustable workout straps will help you stretch and increase your flexibility.You can use our yoga straps for injury recover,warm-up,stretching,outdoor workouts,gym exercises or physical therapy.


Resistance bands for legs and butt can help you solve the problem of the body shape, exercise bands exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively.


Jump ropes for fitness are steel wire coated in PVC sleeve for excellent durability while ensuring the maximum service life to avoid breaking.This jump rope is ergonomically designed making it easy to grasp and carry. The non-slip handle has sweat absorption, deodorization, and moisture-proof features.Skipping rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina, and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body.


Get the most out of your fitness bands and pilates stick, yoga strap with these exercise guides. Skip the expensive gym and enjoy a professional head-to-toe workout at home. Our workout guides are detailed Illustrations and very easy to follow and learn it. Great for Beginner to Advanced Workouts guides.

👍 PACKAGE INCLUDES, EASY-TO-USE, CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS 👍:YXILEE Pilates bar set is equipped with 10 lbs/15 lbs/20 lbs Resistance Bands, Jump Rope, Hip Resistance Band, Yoga Strap, and 3-section Bar, Gym back Bag, Paper Workout Guides, which have different training levels for full-body muscle exercise. We will offer various exercise videos & online workouts (PFD) that can meet the needs of fitness professionals with different experiences and help you build your daily workout routines.
👍COMPREHENSIVE FITNESS SYSTEM, SCULPTS ALL MUSCLE GROUPS👍 : If you’re serious about getting in shape, you need a serious program that will give you quick, dramatic results. It combines in one package all fitness attachments for the upper body, core, glutes and legs, strength. Our Pilates bar with resistance bands helps improve muscle strength and balance, promote flexibility, and help you achieve better posture and tone your muscles. It’s the most comprehensive home fitness package available.
👍 PILATES ANYWHERE,ANYTIME, GET GYM-LEVEL RESULTS👍 : We provide large-capacity backpack gym bags to store various types of exercise equipment, whether at the home, office, outdoor, fitness room, or hotel or business trip.Our at-home workout pilates equipment is more portable and versatile than others, such as Dumbbells, Weight Lifting, Exercise Bike, Treadmill. More importantly, It can provide gym-level results with a smaller budget.
👍 PERFECT FOR ANY FITNESS LEVELS & ADJUSTABLE-LENGTH FOR MOST PEOPLES👍:There are 3 resistance levels for different groups.With an adjustable design, you could also choose the quantities of resistance bands. This exercise bar has an adjustable belt to match most of the customer’s height. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to enhance your training, or a beginner looking for a more effective workout, this versatile set will empower your training for faster and more effective results.
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