Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness 3LB, Heavy Skipping Ropes for Adul.19.99


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Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness 3LB, Heavy Skipping Ropes for Adul

Product Description


The weighted skipping rope is hard to handle ,so that It is a good way for exercise enthusiasm and professional athletes to build up muscle and body fitness.

After a long period of survey, we design this rope and we ensure this rope will be a huge success.

This time,our rope specialize in training performance .A powerful rope allows you exercise the whole body in a more intense way which let you achieve excellent effect. This is the it-rope for you to become a stronger person.


A Magic Jump Rope Designed For Your Health

Better BalanceBurn CaloriesBuild MuscleBoost Cardiovascular Health







Skipping Rope

Can be used as skipping rope for people who prefer high intensity training. Exercise with heavy rope can train your body in both aerobic and anaerobic way, which means it can burn your calories and strengthen your muscle at the same time. However, it is not suggested to kids.

Battle Rope

Teenagers can use our rope as a battle rope, improving health of heart and lung and building up body. Also, it is helpful for teenagers to develop a good habit of exercising in a healthy way.

Tug-of-war Rope

For adult, people can use this rope as Tug-of-war rope no matter in office or outdoors, not only train your bodies but also fulfill joy of life.Moreover,for office workers, training with heavy rope can improve body’s coordination and boost blood circulation, preventing risks from sitting too long.








The handle is designed for high strength training and it can be tightly griped in a heavy weight.

Extension of sheath

An extension of sheath provides considerate protection for the rope and hands.

High-quality raw materials

Woven by polymer synthetic fibers, better quality and better endurance .

A magical jump rope designed for your healthA magical jump rope designed for your health

A magical jump rope designed for your health

◆【MAGICAL WORKOUT PERFORMANCE】 -This is a magical heavy jump rope whose workout performance is 10 times more effective than other standard jump ropes , and there is no need to jump as fast as exercising with a common jump rope. This magical help you achieve extraordinary exercise performance in a short time. Be a great person with great ropes.
◆【HIGH QUALITY】 -Nowadays, most weighted jump ropes are rolled by combination of polyester ropes, which simply just don’t look pretty. Those ropes are stiff, easy to fall apart and are not wear-resistant. However, our ropes is designed with weaving method which is also applied in climbing ropes. It not only looks fabulous but also is exquisite and soft, and it is not easy to disperse. This is the true weighted jump rope.
◆【MORE ENDURABLE】 -After a long period of scientific research, we select polymer synthetic fiber, of which is also what safety ropes made, as the main material of our jump rope. Even if the rope is as thin as hair, it will not be easily torn apart. If you find a thread on the rope, just cut it off and it will still be as perfect as new. In addition, we also sent you 2 extra extended protective sleeves to make the rope more endurable.
◆ 【BENEFITS】 -You can use the weighted jump rope no matter at home, in the office, or during travel. It helps you enhance your heart and lung system, improves your coordination, agility and flexibility. It can also strengthen your whole-body muscles and increasing the strength of your wrist joints and fingers. It is suitable for all gender, especially preferred by fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. It frees you from the gym and saves more time and money.
◆【PROFESSIONAL SERVICE】 -If you are under 5.9 ft tall, we recommend you to choose a 9.9 ft jump rope. If you are above 5.9 ft tall, we recommend you choose a 10.5 ft jump rope. Whenever you encounter any problems during using our products, you are welcomed to contact us. We Will Get Back to You As Soon As Possible. Hope You Enjoy Shopping with Us.