VORCY Core&Abdominal Trainers Abdominal Workout Machine,AB Fitnes.119.99


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VORCY Core&Abdominal Trainers Abdominal Workout Machine,AB Fitnes

What are the benefits of using an abdominal training machine?
The busy life makes it difficult for us to spare time to go to the gym far away, or unwilling to spend money to become fitness members. Core and Abdominal Trainer Abdominal exercise equipment is specially designed for your upper, middle, lower abdomen and oblique muscles. It can help you sit-ups and push-ups, allowing you to perform effective exercises easily and economically, and consume some extra calories.

Why use an abs training machine to burn calories?
Burning calories, reducing fat and losing weight can build a good figure. In terms of health, relax the body, reduce stress, improve overall health, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and improve blood circulation. Economically speaking, this can save us the cost of visiting a doctor or applying for a fitness card.

How to use the abdominal muscle training machine to exercise the abdominal muscles?
Easy to assemble, easy to assemble in a few minutes. The built-in adjustable foot support can provide adjustable resistance and support in different directions to provide additional support and comfort for the foot. Hold the handle with both hands, place your knees on the inclined board, and move it up and down. You can also use the foot drag under the handle to help you sit up.

EXERCISE THE WHOLE BODY MUSCLES: This abdominal training device is designed to exercise your entire body. You can use the abdominal training device to perform sit-ups and assisted push-ups. Burn calories, build muscles and build a good figure.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Follow the package instructions, you can assemble the abdominal muscle machine in 5 minutes, you can easily fold it up when not in use, and you can use it next time you unfold it.
EXCELLENT QUALITY: High-quality sponge material can ensure comfort during exercise. The soft foam cushion can effectively reduce knee pressure and provide you with comfort, balance and support.
DURABLE AND STRONG: This abdominal training device is made of heavy-duty steel frame, high-quality sponge and handle to ensure that it is not easy to break. The maximum weight is 330 pounds, which can bear the weight of most people.
MULTI-FUNCTION LCD DISPLAY: The LCD display will display the calories burned per minute, time and amount of exercise during exercise. You can adjust different exercise modes according to your ability to maximize exercise efficiency.