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Terra-Core Balance Trainer, Stability, Agility, Strength, Functio

Product Description

Bird Dog, balance, coreBird Dog, balance, core

What is the Terra-Core? It’s a Stepper. It’s a Bench. It’s the best surface ever devised for crunches; and your pushups will never be the same. It’s an air-filled, core building, multifaceted balance machine. It’s the most versatile piece of home exercise equipment ever developed. It is THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME. We have a hard time leaving the status quo alone around here, particularly when it doesn’t make sense. Let’s face it, there is an optimal shape for everything, tires work best when they’re round, tables when they are flat, and things that go against your body work best — when they are shaped as such. Balls were meant for kicking, bouncing, and telling your boss to get bent, not for exercising. The surface area is small and it want to roll away (they’re balls, that’s what they do). Not to mention, have you ever tried to stand on — or do a crunch on a half ball? Certainly, they do not roll, however, they still lack space, versatility, and dare we say “imagination”. The Terra-Core offers it all: Ergonomics, Versatility, Shape, Bandability, Durability and enough real estate to warrant its own zip code.

Why do I need a Terra-Core?

The Terra-Core is a culmination of everything we know about training and strengthening the human machine. Moving from a hard surface to a soft dynamic surface, when working out yields more efficiency and more benefits, while performing the same movements. Exercises performed on a hard surface are two-dimensional by nature. The Terra-Core engages core stabilizer muscles, adding a third dimension to every movement. We have performed independent studies demonstrating 4 times as many muscles being engaged on the Terra-Cores dynamic surface than the same exercise does on a hard, flat two-dimensional surface.

The Mind-Body Connection.

There is far more to fitness than shredded abs and big guns. We work out to stay young and feel great, and that starts by connecting the mind and the body together. That is the foundation of “Functional Fitness” and it is what the Terra-Core is all about! Every movement engages the body’s natural stabilizers which gets your brain firing on multiple planes. While you are working on your midsection your brain is working overtime, firing countless new synapses with every movement. All this activity keeps you agile, more athletic, and this newfound coordination will make everyday activities easier while keeping your energy levels at their peak.

It Takes a Village.

Let’s face it, changing old habits is hard. However, when you buy a Terra-Core, you are getting far more than some plastic filled with air! Terra-Core is far more than a company that makes insanely cool ways to achieve your goals, it is a lifestyle company, that consists of thousands of people, (our Tribe) who are there to teach and encourage you to start looking and feeling great. At the risk of sounding a bit ‘cliche’, fitness is a journey and we will offer you help and support the entire way and soon you will be helping others achieve the same.

Terra-Core APP

Terra-Core APP

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TV Workouts

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Terra-Core group

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It’s the the only piece of equipment you’ll need to get in the best shape of your life, whether you decide to party with the Terra-Core alone, or bring in some accessories like resistance bands and free weights.

The Terra-Core is a unique and portable tool that will allow you to reach and exceed your fitness goals.

Whatever exercise you decide to do, the unique surface and shape demands the engagement of core muscles, which in turn enhances agility, balance, and coordination.

The Terra-Core will help you find muscles you never knew you had, and the more muscles you use, the more calories are required to fuel them. And when you’re burning fuel, you’re burning fat.

Core, addominal, build muscleCore, addominal, build muscle


With the Terra-Core, you will be able to isolate and develop any part of your body that you see fit (or should we say not fit).

The secret lies in its air-filled surface, which provides a safe but unstable platform.

Utilizing infrared thermal imaging technology, you can see first hand how Terra-Core Fitness’ patented unstable surface warms up the core (okay, freakin’ melts it). White denotes where the muscles are the hottest, therefore being worked the most. Notice how the core is engaged in all exercises with the Terra-Core.

This surface is so effective it’s impossible to even sit on the Terra-Core without feeling your muscles fire and engage, right down to your core.

Get up, core strength, bosu, balance, abdominalGet up, core strength, bosu, balance, abdominal

Air squat, core, balance, instabilityAir squat, core, balance, instability

Bent row, core, balance, Bent row, core, balance,

TERRA CORE Balance Trainer BENEFITS are scientifically proven to ENGAGE 4 TIMES MORE MUSCLE GROUPS than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface. See our website for details. Turns ALL of your WORKOUTS into a THREE-DIMENSIONAL, functional sweat fest.
The Terra Core is designed to WORK BY ITSELF or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES. The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY.
It’s also perfect as an AEROBIC STEP or for CROSSFIT EXERCISES.
As a WEIGHT LOSS TOOL, the Terra Core is unrivaled. It is OPTIMAL for doing CRUNCHES, PLANKS, BUILDING ABDOMINAL MUSCLES, shoulder muscles and leg muscles. Many yoga studios use this product for SEVERAL POPULAR YOGA POSES.
BUILT TO COMMERCIAL STANDARDS, the Terra Core is TOUGH ENOUGH for ANY HOME GYM. Stores easily. Product tested to WITHSTAND 4,500 POUNDS.