Sportneer Weighted Smart Exercise Hoop,Fitness Hoops for Adults Weight


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Sportneer Weighted Smart Exercise Hoop,Fitness Hoops for Adults Weight

Product Description

Sportneer Smart Fitness Hoop-Great for Adults and Beginners!

smart hula hoopsmart hula hoop

Benefits of Using Smart Fitness Hoop :

1. Burn calories to achieve weight loss

2. Enhance intestinal peristalsis and exercise abdominal muscles

3. Improve body flexibility and shape a good figure

Smart hula hoop

Smart hula hoop

Smart hula hoop

Smart hula hoop

Smart hula hoop

Smart hula hoop

24 Detachable Parts

Smart Exercise Hoop consists of 24 detachable parts, which can be easily disassembled. Each part can be disassembled and replaced for easy carrying and storage.

3 Set Bearing Slide Flexible Scrolling

The small traction trolley consists of three pairs of special pulleys. This makes the exercise hoop very labor-saving when rotating, and does not make too much noise.

Soft Gravity Ball And Adjustable Dragrope

The soft gravity ball and the pulley trolley are connected by an adjustable dragrope. You can adjust the length of the dragrope to change the training level. The longer the dragrope, the higher the exercise intensity.

Smart hula hoopSmart hula hoop

360° Round Massage Head With Spring

Each part of the fitness hoop is equipped with an upgraded spring massage head, which can fit the whole waist and burn fat efficiently without damaging the muscles. When you use this product, the inertia will make the fitness hoop massage your waist 360° around.

Smart hula hoopSmart hula hoop

Equipped With A Measuring Tape

The Sportneer smart sports hoop comes with a tape measure, which allows you to detect the effect in time after each exercise. After seeing the effect, you can be more motivated to exercise, and it can make weight loss and fat burning more efficient.

Sportneer Smart Exercise Hoop-Your Best Choice For Fitness!

Smart hula hoopSmart hula hoop

This Is A Family Sports Equipment Suitable for All Family Members.

Compared with traditional exercise hoop, Sportneer smart fitness hoop is not easy to fall off, and it is small and detachable, which is convenient to carry. Both adults and teenagers can use it with confidence. It is simple and safe to use and can exercise the waist and abdomen that are usually difficult to exercise. At the same time, it has the effect of massaging and relaxing the waist and abdomen. The quality is reliable, every family should have one!

Tips of Using Smart Fitness Hoop :

Smart hula hoopSmart hula hoop


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Date First Available‏:‎September 6, 2021

【DETACHABLE DESIGN】 Consisting of 24 detachable parts, this Smart Fitness Hoop can fit all sizes of waist so that it can hug abdomen during your workout! Just adjust the Hula circle to build up the burn and help you hit all your fitness goals!
【PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP】 Constructed with high quality ABS and PVC plastic and iron sand, the weighted hoop and gravity ball is as safe and durable as it can be! Plus, the drag rope can be adjusted for different training levels—the longer, the heavier.
【360° SHOCK ABSORBING MASSAGE】 Workout or massage? Why not both! This intelligent fitness hoop boasts shock absorbing massage, which enables you to burn your calorie as well as relax your waist. Finally, workout looks on as a treat!
【SMOOTH & WHISPER-QUIET】 Equipped smooth track and with 3 sets of 360° quiet rollers, the Sportneer exercise hoop can be rotated evenly, flexibly and smoothly without disturbing sound, even during your most intense sessions.
【NEVER DROP THE HOOP】 Dropping the hoop again and again is a real headache. We’ve got it covered! Compared with the traditional ones, these smart weighted hoops is easy and convenient to use, ensuring no falling off! Highly suitable for adults, children, fitness professionals and beginners alike!