ProsourceFit Abdominal AB Mat 15” x 12” High Density Core Trainer.15.45


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ProsourceFit Abdominal AB Mat 15” x 12” High Density Core Trainer

ProSource ab mat is specifically designed to give you the ultimate and most effective abdominal workout. You will be able to target and isolate upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and even the lower back muscles. One size fits all. No matter if you are a beginner or pro, you can use ProSource Ab Mat. Lightweight, just over one pound, makes it easy to store or travel with. Perfect for Home, Office, Gym, Crossfit, MMA, Boxing, and for other types of training that requires a stronger abdominal core. The natural curve protects your back and allows your abdominal muscles to extend fully, increasing the effectiveness of crunches and sit-ups. The full range of motion means you’ll see better results since you’re not cutting the movements short. It weighs just over one pound, so it’s easy to carry with you to the gym or wherever you want to workout. The high-density foam provides firm support to withstand daily workouts. A soft PU leather exterior is easy to clean with a damp cloth and durable for long-term use. The Ab Mat is versatile for exercises like handstand push-ups as well, providing a padded surface for your head. 5-inch high mat designed to fit under your lumbar spine to provide a full range of motion during ab exercises. The compact design is perfect for Cross Training boxes, home gyms, and even travel. It’s available in 3 colors, and has a limited lifetime. Train like a pro, train with !.

BETTER RESULTS – Provides a full range of motion you can’t get from standard sit-ups; isolates the abs for optimal workout results!
NATURAL ARCH – Arch design naturally curves to the back for more effective core work that protects your lower back
GREAT FOR CROSSFIT – Perfect for high rep exercises like crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts; Ideal for head protection during handstand push-ups
DURABLE – High-density foam gives comfort and the perfect amount of firm support for your back and spine while challenging your core muscles
DIMENSIONS: 15”L x 12”W x 2.5”H; the compact design is one-size-fits-all and portable so you can carry it to the gym or even while traveling