Power Twister Arm Exerciser Adjustable 22-440 lbs Arm Strength Hy.39.99


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Power Twister Arm Exerciser Adjustable 22-440 lbs Arm Strength Hy

Product Description


power twister arm exerciserpower twister arm exerciser

muscle trainermuscle trainer

adjustable hydraulic pressureadjustable hydraulic pressure

Adjustable weight 20-200 KG/44-440 LBS

By rotating the adjustable resistance button, you can easy to turn resistance from 22 to 440 lbs.

Gradually increase resistance and slowly adjust your exercise status and continuously improve your strength.

Easy to start from low level and challenge to high level.

hydraulic power twisterhydraulic power twister

Are you still using inefficient and dangerous fitness equipment?

You should choose a safer and more effective arm fitness equipment for yourself!

What are the advantages of our arm trainer?

1.Will not violently rebound and hurt ourselves!

2.Don’t need to worry about the spring will break!

3.The fully enclosed hydraulic cylinder provides you with a stable resistance strength that will not weaken with the passage of time!

4.Can be adjust to different resistance to meet your needs.

5.Adopt unique safe hydraulic adjustment system principle, even if the resistance is changed, the arm opening angle and arm movement will not change, so there is no need to change the arm movement.

6.Fully open arms even with reduced resistance.

Name: Hydraulic Arm Training Machine

Function: Fitness Exercise, Body Building

Resistance Range: 20-200 KG/44-440 LBS Adjustable

Material: Carbon Steel +Ergonomic ABS Plastic+Hydraulic oil cylinder

Net Weight: 2.3 KG/5 LBS

Intended for Age 16+

chest workout machine

chest workout machine

fitness equipment

fitness equipment

power twister arm exerciser

power twister arm exerciser

Safe Rebound

It’s easy to be injured when using traditional arm equipment, our power twister slowly rebound is more secure, completely solves the problem of the violent rebound of traditional spring arm equipment.


Non-Slip Rubber Handle

Ergonomic handle is designed for your hands and has enhanced comfortable grip, which is wear-resistant and non-slip.

Buckle for Easily Storage

The buckle can fix the two arms of the hydraulic power twister together, which is very easy to store and carry. But please don’t use the storage buckle as a handle.

Stable Triangle Structure

Stable triangle center design makes the exercise more stable, which is a safer and more scientific structure.

Strength training workout equipmentStrength training workout equipment

Power Twister Adjustable- Hydraulic power twister can be adjusted from 22lbs to 440lbs. Rotating the knob to switch the resistance you prefer. Gradually increase resistance level to achieve muscle strengthening or fat reduction.
Stable Triangle Structure- Stable triangle center design makes the exercise more stable, which is a safer and more scientific structure.
Safe and Strong Exerciser- It is easy to get injured when using the traditional arm device. Our new patented twister arm exerciser, the slow rebound is safer and refuses to take profiteering rebound.
Upper Body Workout Builder- This arm workout equipment not only a chest workout machine/shoulder exercise equipment but also exercise our back and core muscle groups. It has a very significant effect on upper body training.
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