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pooboo Elliptical Machine for Home Use, Magnetic Elliptical Train

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Elliptical MachineElliptical Machine

Why Choose pooboo Magnetic Elliptical Machine?

pooboo Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine offers the benefit of a low-impact workout by mimicking natural motion patterns experienced when walking or running, toning your body and exercising your muscles deeply with low pressure on your joints and bones.
The low-impact workout can also help to burn calories for weight loss, suits for whole family numbers to exercise and keep healthy at home gym.
Magnetic resistance offers more smooth and quiet than normal elliptical trainers, it may not disturb your sleeping baby or neighbors.

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic Resistance

LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

Anti-Slip Handlebar

Anti-Slip Handlebar

8 Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

With simple turns of this convenient tension knob, you can increase or decrease resistance so that your workout is always challenging and effective throughout the entire fitness process.

You can participate in different and unique programs with this tool to stimulate muscles in different ways and create new training modes.

Advanced Digital Monitor

Equipped with a LCD monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. These calculations and readings are beneficial to keep track of your progress.

Non-slip Handlebars

The fixed handlebars allow you to isolate leg workout to engage glutes, hamstrings and quads better.

The movable handlebars allow you do full-body workout. Non-slip material on the arms ensure safety even your hands get sweat while exercise.

12 lbs Flywheel

12 lbs Flywheel

Large Anti-Slip Foot Pad

Large Anti-Slip Foot Pad

Convenient Wheels for Moving

Convenient Wheels for Moving

Silent Built-in 12 Lbs Flywheel

The heavy duty flywheel helps simulate the real road feeling, delivers a more natural ride.

With magnetic resistance system of the silent flywheel, your workout will be quiet and smooth, not disturbing others at the same time, which is perfect for home and gym.

Large Textured Non-slip Pedal

The large textured pedals increase the friction of your shoes to keep you safe.

Also this pooboo elliptical machine with the 13.5 inches stride length and the 5.9 inches spacing can meet the needs of different people.

Transportation Wheels

Using these convenient transport wheels to transform your home into your own private fitness room.

Just tilt and roll out to use or store, and the wheels on the front of the unit allow the user to easily move the bike to a room or store it out of sight.

pooboo Elliptical Machine for Home Usepooboo Elliptical Machine for Home Use


【Quiet 8 Level Magnetic Resistance】Our pooboo recumbent bike comes with 8 adjustable levels of magnetic resistance, which is easy to customize your workout difficulty according to fitness level by the knob. The magnetic mechanism also ensures your smooth and super quiet riding experience without worrying about disturbing your families or neighbors.
【LCD Monitor&iPad Holder】The LCD monitor tracks time, speed, pulse, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are exercising. The iPad holder allows you to watch videos or enjoy music at the same time. The convenient bottle cage attached allows you stay hydrated after working up a sweat.
【Dual Anti-Slip Handlebars】With dual-handle design, the outer handle allows you to exercise your upper body more significantly and helps shape your body. The inner handle is suitable for children to use, and a heart rate sensor is set inside to display your heart rate data in real time.
【Great for Cardio Workout】 This compact Elliptical Machine is suitable for people who need to exercise but don’t have too much time and space. The adjustable rear support are very suitable for home use and placement. The precisely matched 12 lbs built-in strong flywheel and V- belt drive provides a smooth and quiet operation.
【Easy to Move】Convenient transport wheels allow you to easily move the Elliptical Machine to wherever you want without lifting it. The solid construction can support a user weighing up to 245 lbs.Suitable for height 4’9″-6’5″.✅【What You Get】 100% satisfaction, 1-year parts free replacement.