NT Smart Hula Hoop For Adults, Weight Loss Exercise, Adjustable P.49.99


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NT Smart Hula Hoop For Adults, Weight Loss Exercise, Adjustable P

Product Description

A New Hooping Approach

Smart hula hoop, a day to day fitness accessory, burns calories and makes your body fitSmart hula hoop, a day to day fitness accessory, burns calories and makes your body fit

Our Set Highlights

adjustable plus size, extra links, knotsadjustable plus size, extra links, knots

Smart Hula Hoop Advantages

Smart hula hoop advantagesSmart hula hoop advantages

Smart hula hoop size, blueSmart hula hoop size, blue

How to assemble a smart hula hoopHow to assemble a smart hula hoop

💪 OUR HOOP ADVANTAGES: 24 Links & Plus size – As a bonus we added 3 extra links into the box (located under the white plastic shaped blister). This is very helpful if you need to extend the hoop or just have some extra sections in case. Our smart hula hoop is the set of 4 items. It has original design & pleasant to use. Equipped with a magnetic lock, which simplifies the process of putting on/off and additionally guarantees a secure connection. The weighted ball is made of high-grade silicone
💪 ABOUT OUR SET: We have implemented our creativity to ensure you get the best experience hula hooping. Our set consists of 4 items: smart hula hoop, + 3 extra pieces links, a sweat band, and a skipping rope as add-ons. Weather you use the jump rope or not, the sweating can be intense hula hooping, our branded sweatband can protect your eyes from forehead sweat drops into your eyes
💪 ABOUT SIZE: When any Smart Hula Hoop is on your waist, the hoop becomes less due to its curve. Originally, the Smart Hula Hoop has 24 links = 51 inch (130 cm) of a hoops straight line. Our plus size hoop has 3 extra links (located under the white plastic shaped blister), so you can extend the Hoop to 57 inch (146 cm) in its straight line. When talking about waistline size – our Smart Hula Hoop inside diameter fits a waist of min 19.5 and max 46.5 inch (50-118 cm)
💪 SMART HOOP POWER: Smart hula hoop is the accessory for a day to day fitness training keeping your body in tonus, corrects posture, boosts metabolism, burns fat, tightens waist, forms abdominal muscles, gives flexibility, improves general performance, look, and finally makes you feel happier after training. By regularly hooping you will quickly burn calories and get rid of extra pounds. Your body will look athletic and fit. Such exercising will bring you not only benefits, but also pleasure!
💪 WHY SMART HOOP: Comparatively new, Smart Hula Hoop works not any less efficient then a normal one in terms of weight loss and fitness. It cannot fall down, beginner friendly, has waist massaging pads making belly and waist slimmer and leaves no bruises compared to a normal one. It has sand weighted ball on its rope end. You can control its weight removing or adding sand as well as control rope length to increase and decrease exercise hardness and spinning speed. It is compact to use at home