Multifunctional Ab Roller Wheel, which can be disassembled and us.16.99


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Multifunctional Ab Roller Wheel, which can be disassembled and us

Based on the idea at the beginning of the product design, it is mainly the exercise of the abdominal muscles, but in the process of using the product, everyone develops new functions and exercise methods, hoping to get feedback and improve the product so that everyone can get better exercise and help.

For the exercise of abdominal muscles, the application of skateboards is the key. On top of it, various parts of the abdominal muscles can be exercised and strengthened. Of course, this is a gradual process, and we must persist and persevere.

For the exercise of the chest muscles, the skateboards and the handle are used together. You can use it as a push-up bar first, and then exercise the various parts of the chest muscles. It has two Knee Mat, which is convenient for various actions.

As for other applications of skateboards, it can be used for mountaineering training, buttocks training, etc., and each person needs to exercise different muscles and meet different exercise requirements, and perform exercises that suit their own.

Package Includes:
2x skateboards
2x Handles
2x Knee Mat
1 x Exercises Guide

The product is composed of two skateboards and handles, which are easy to assemble and disassemble due to its humanized design. It can perform a variety of different exercises, such as chest muscle training, abdominal muscle training, hip training, mountaineering training, etc.
Excellent material, reinforced nylon, well-made, lightweight and durable, can withstand a maximum weight of 440 pounds
Core Training — Each repetition of the rollout exercise works various muscles targeting your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, and Chest. It will not only help improve you lower back strength but decreases your risk of muscular injury.
The product is light and durable, easy to carry, not only can exercise at home, gym or office, but also can be easily carried and used during travel, and it takes less time to improve your overall health
HURRY AND BUY NOW so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of an excellent abdominal workout. This is a great birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift. Just right for friends, family, and co-workers