Mr. right Water Rowing Machine for Home Use,Oak Wood Water Rower


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Mr. right Water Rowing Machine for Home Use,Oak Wood Water Rower with Customizable Bluetooth LCD Monitor (Rower Cover and Electric Water Pump Included)

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When You Hold Me In Your Hand, You will Never Want To Let Go

Why do so many fitness trainers recommend using a rower? Rowing is one of the best exercises for building a strong back while also pushing your heart rate to levels that actually increase your metabolism, burning calories and fat more efficiently. Because rowing is proven to provide a nearly unsurpassed aerobic workout without the relentless pounding to your joints, the Mr Right Wood Water Rower lets you quickly improve your fitness while drastically reducing injury risks.

Mr Right Water Rowing Machine Indoor Exercise Rower

New Customizable Bluetooth Monitor

Indoor rowing is the ideal solution for a low-impact, full-body cardiovascular workout.

How difficult is it to assemble?

Not difficult. Everything you need is provided.You can assemble it according to the instruction manual.

Does this have adjustable resistance?

The more water you put in, the more resistance you’ll get when you pull.Filling the tank is simple with the syphon pump attached. There are suggested levels on the tank.

Water rower dimensions: 82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches

Weight: 58.5 Pounds

Maximum User Weight Capacity : 320 pounds.

Mr Right Wooden Water Rowing Machine Build Endurance and Full-Body Strength









Aviation Grade Polycarbonate Water Tank

The polycarbonate kettle made of aviation materials has high light transmission, more impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Not only the water flower in the pot is clearly visible, but also the water quality is fresh and not deteriorated for a long time.

We recommend changing the water every 4 months.

Track Your Workout Data Correctly

You can setup 3 modes, they are Manual, Interval Custom and Target. It’ll help you managing your time and accomplish your exercise goal easier. You can connect FitShow App because the monitor insert Bluetooth module

Easy To Storage & Move

Mr.right Rowing Machines are functional fitness furniture, designed not to be hidden away like other unsightly gym equipment, but to look at home in your living room. Storing in an upright position no wider than a dining room chair, our rowing machines can be easily laid out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session.Build with dolly wheels to transport with ease and stores upright when not in use

Non-Slip & Adjustable Footplates

Press the oval button in the middle of the footplates which allows the foot holders to move up and down in adjustment.

NEAR SILENT-High-quality wooden rails and water resistance make the workout super quiet and more smooth









Coverd With heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Rail Track

Sustainable Oak Wood Track Coverd With heavy duty aluminum alloy

3D Ergonomic Seat Cushion

The most ergonomic seat cushion, the tail recess fits the position of the tail vertebrae, more comfortable, impact resistant,you won’t feel tired even if you sit for a long time.Quiet and smooth glide track, mimics dynamic rowing across, make your workouts last longer.

Dustproof Waterproof Cover

Dust bag to protect your rowing machine inside (dust) as outdoors (weather).

With draw cord on bottom and the marking to indicate the purposes of setting up.

Waterproof and easily washable.

Electric Water Pump

Electric water pump makes fill and emptying of the tank super easy.

REAL WATER ROWING EXPERIENCE – The shape of the Rowing Machine is professionally designed like a real ship,and the real water resistance will perfectly bring you a feeling of real-life outdoor rowing experience.
CONVENIENT STORAGE – It features transport wheels for easy movement and simply lift it on its end and store out of the way against your wall or closet when not in use. Rail track covered heavy duty aluminum alloy make it more sturdy and outstanding commercial-grade performance. It looks more than a rowing machine but a elegant furniture.
COMFORTABLE WORKOUT – Make the most out of your workout as it comes with ergonomic seat, active recoil system, and height adjustable footplates with straps.It operates quietly, with mostly just the swooshing sound of the water.
EQUIPPED WITH CUSTOMIZABLE Bluetooth MONITOR- You can setup 3 modes, they are Manual, Interval Custom and Target. It’ll help you manager your time and accomplish your exercise goal easier.
BUILD FOR HOME GYM – The indoor rowing machine is made with a solid oak wood dual rails, making it perfect for everyday training. Water rower dimensions: 82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches; Weight: 58.5 Pounds; Maximum User Weight Capacity : 320 pounds.