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MoKo Core Sliders for Working Out, 2 Pack Fitness Exercise Slider

Product Description


Designed to help fortify your overall fitness level with customizable workout routines that challenge you without overtaxing joints or muscles. This pair of gilding discs creates a low impact, yet highly effective exercise, especially for your core! Allow you to perform exercises that target every muscle group to tone your body, challenge your core in new ways through the element of instability, and propels you to stay upright and move steadily as you do plank exercises, squats, and crunches. Try gliding your way to a stronger, sexier physique.



Dual-size Function, Easy to Use

Exercise sliders fitness discs are all dual-sided that works smoothly on a wide range of surfaces, you can start your exercise anytime, anywhere.

· EVA fabric: suitable for hard and smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tiles.

· Smooth ABS plastic layer: suitable for soft surfaces, such as carpet or turf.



Package: 2 Pack of gliding discs

Material: EVA + ABS

Diameter: 18cm/4.09″

Thickness: 2cm/0.79″

Color: Black, Purple, Red

Widely application: plank exercises, squats, crunches and more.




Natural latex


Polyester fiber

Silk + cassia seed/ lavender

Multi-color Options


Adjustable length, soft and flexible, ergonomic handle

Soft and flexible, anti-slip, multiple resistance levels

Smooth and comfortable, compact and lightweight

Soft and flexible, sturdy, multi-purpose

Comfortable feeling, natural scents, detachable

Effective Fitness: Using the sports fitness sliders to do some muscle strength training and core stability training, which can improve your muscle endurance and exercise body coordination.
Special Dual-sided Design: One smooth side is suitable for soft surfaces like carpet and artificial grass. Another fabric layer is perfect for hard surface like wood floor and tiles.
Premium Material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic and EVA cloth, which provide a comfortable experience for you. Curved contoured edges protect you from chafing on palms and fingers.
Multiple Exercise: You can do a variety of exercises with the sliders. For example, you can do the Abdominal Training, Stretching, Strength Toning, Pilates, Yoga, etc. The core discs can help you workout the whole body, burn fat, make V line abs, six-pack abs and exercise other healthy figure you want.
Lightweight and Portable: Ultra compact and lightweight design, convenient for bringing the sliders to your office and start your exercise outdoor anytime.