MBB 22 in 1 Wonder Master Core & Abdominal Workout Chair


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MBB 22 in 1 Wonder Master Core & Abdominal Workout Chair,Foldable

Product Description

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Arm Row and Most Stretching Exercises

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Company Introduction

MBB brand is well known in the United States, Europe and Japan for 25 years, with more than 5000 international patents. MBB always keep the concept of fashion fitness, producing high quality fitness equipment products.

We believe that everyone can develop a habit of fitness.Whether you are outside or indoors, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a white collar or a housewife, you can find fitness methods and products that are right for you. Keeping fit from MBB.

Package Includes:

1 x 22 IN 1 Wonder Master 2

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Training Guide

1 x Workout DVD

MBB Foldable & Adjustable Rowing Machine

Making Exercise Fun In Your Everyday Life

MBB 22 IN 1 Wonder Master 2 is a new fitness innovation that provides a full abdominal workout in one portable exerciser.Choose from 22 different exercises to enjoy trim,toned abs as well as stronger hips,thighs,legs,arms,pectorals,and a flab-free new physique.


Before using,perform some warm-up exercises to prepare your body for the training.After using,perform some cool-down exercises to stretch the muscles that you have exercised to avoid possible discomfort later.


Product Weight:23.15 LBS

Materials:Steel,PU Foam,Alloy Spring

Extanded Size:35.8~47.2×20.1×33.5~37.4 in

Estimated Max.Load: 300 LBS

Best Fit for Exercise

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db method machine

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abdominal exercise equipment

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abs workout equipment

(1) Sit upright on the cushion with your feet beneath the bottom foam rollers.

(2)Hold the handles of the rope with your hands. Pull back until the hands reach your waist sides. Repeat.

(3)Effect:Exercising muscles on the arm.

(1) Sit and rest your back against the massage back with your feet beneath the bottom foam rollers.

(2) Hold the handles of the rope, and curl the hands. Repeat.

(2)Effect:To tone biceps.

(1) Sit and rest your back against the massage back with your feet beneath the bottom foam rollers.

(2) Lean back down against the massage back,10°to 30°,then return to the seated position,with the hands holding the handles of the rope, mimic the gesture of boating, and repeat.

(3)Effect: Exercising muscles on the arm.

Making Slim Fast Anywhere,Anytime

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(1) Pull out the long straight bolt and lay down the massage back.

(2) Sit on the seat cushion inversely with your hands gripping the handles from the behind.

(3) Stretch the hands to the front of chest and back, and repeat.

(4) Effect:Exercise the major muscles of the chest.

(1) Pull out the “long straight bolt” and lay down the massage back.

(2) Sit on the seat cushion with your hands gripping the handle bars from the behind ,knees bent or stretched,and legs above the massage


(3) Twist your body both clockwise and counterclockwise with the assistance of 360° bidirectional twistable cushion.

(4)Effect:Helps to relax the obliques and ab muscles,burn flab,and shape the body.

(1)Place your knees on the seat cushion with hands gripping the pillow and feet placed beneath the handle bars to keep balance.

(2)Press the massage back down to a comfortable angle then up back to the starting position and repeat.Always remember to keep balance throughout to avoid overturning.

(3)Effect: To tone arm and back muscles.To improve your balance.

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【Solid Material & Durable Design】MBB Core & Abdominal Workout chair is crafted with sturdy iron and steel, which is durable for long-time use. The Solid Iron frame comes with huge weight capacity of 300lbs. All of heavy-duty steel tube frames are finished with a powder-coated painting that offers reliable durability. Comfortable rubber seat cushion effectively reduces impact force generated during exercise.
【22 Ways to Exercise】22 IN 1 Wonder Master is a professional level ab/core machine,22 different training keeps you in shape.Arm rows,Bicep Curls,Triceps extension,Sit-up,Push- up,Abdominal crunch,Twisting,Works all the major muscle groups.
【Science Workout】MBB professional ab machine can also help to build up muscles of your full body.We provide free Training guide and workout DVD for teaching, aim to take your ab and core muscle to a new level.
【Easy to Assemble and Store】Ab Trainers ROWING MACHINE is quite easy to carry & store. Clear and brief instruction make it much easier to assemble.After finishing workout, you can put it in the corner, rely on the wall or under the bed. And it’s light enough to easily move around. Just follow our manual instructions and you will assemble them in no time. It is not only suitable for gym but also can be used at home and office.
【Quality After-Sales Guarantee】Customer satisfaction is top priority,and there is a one-year guaranteed for this item.Should you encounter any problem with this product during use,Please feel free to contact us for assistance, 24/7 customer service.