koyasiry Exercise Hoop for Adults Weighted Exercise Hoop,Exercise.16.99


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koyasiry Exercise Hoop for Adults Weighted Exercise Hoop,Exercise

With this exercise hoop,do good exercise to make you slim and health,JUST stick with it and enjoy it!
Benefits of the exercise Hoop exercise:
1:Calorie burning as much as possible.
2:Makes balance and coordination on your body.
3:Flexibility increased.
4:Shapes sexy waist line!
5:Lays the foundation for dancing,gym,workout etc.
Features of our exercise Hoop:
1:Not very heavy and is suitable for adult to use
2:The soomth surface won’t hurt your waist
3:Concise while fashionable apperance looks more personalized compared with traditional exercise hoops in commonly single color
4:Comes with resistance band,exercise a wide variety of muscles without the need to use heavy machines and bulky exercise gear. 
Matters need attention:
1:Do not use exercise hoops within 1 hour before and after meals
2:Do not put a exercise hoop around your neck
3. Pregnant women can not use exercise hoop
Exercise plan:
1:4-6 times a week
2:2-3 groups each time,Each group of 10-20 minutes
3:Rest 10-20 minutes between each two groups
Package Included:
1 X 8 Pieces of exercise Hoop(Pink)

YOUR PERSONAL HOME GYM-Got no time to head down to your local gym every day? With this exercise hoop, you can enjoy a full body workout without even stepping out of your home.
FEEL THE CALORIES BURNING!-Weighted at 2 lbs, this exercise hoop fantastical workout tool offers you you need to get more out of your workouts, and is a great addition to most Yoga routines. Burn more calories, and you will get perfect figure you want!
SUPER PADDED SOFT FOAM-our exercise hoop perfectly fits your waist while exercising and provides effective massage pressure on your waist without getting hurt or excessive pain.
PROFESSIONAL EXERCISE HOOPS FOR ADULTS-Concise while fashionable appearance looks more personalized compared with traditional exercise hoops in a common single color. Enclosed resistance bands which is designed to withstand intense daily exercise sessions.
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: we’ll GIVE YOU A NEW EXERCISE HOOP FOR FREE should it break within the first 30 days!