KINGC Folding Walking Machine for Elderly Home Adjustable Electri.345.88


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KINGC Folding Walking Machine for Elderly Home Adjustable Electri

♥【Safe Treadmill】:Safety handrails are added, and the area of ​​​​the handrails is lengthened to increase the sense of security. Exercise more assured, suitable for elders. The safety auxiliary belt protects the user from accidents during running and assists in walking backwards.Send it now! !
♥【LCD LED Display】:3 modes only, display time, calories, distance, speed Three-stop slope adjustment, adjust the slope, can control the difficulty of training, to achieve fitness intensity needs.Real-time hand-held heart rate monitoring, control running speed by mastering heart rate, improve the quality and effect of exercise.
♥【Multifunctional Treadmill】:A variety of sports methods are displayed so that sports are no longer single. Walking exercise, jogging exercise, walking exercise, leg press exercise, parallel bars exercise, push-up exercise.
♥【Protect Your Floor】:6 shock-absorbing pads on the base directly contact the ground, which can buffer the pressure and increase the friction to prevent the treadmill from sliding and avoid scratching the floor.
♥【Easy to Assemble】:Easy to disassemble and fold, no installation required. Folding less than 0.2 square meters.