JoyPlus Sandbag Alternative-Adjustable Aqua Bag-Portable Stabilit.36.87


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JoyPlus Sandbag Alternative-Adjustable Aqua Bag-Portable Stabilit

Product Description

0-44LBSadjustable weight0-44LBSadjustable weight


👍 ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT (UP TO 44LBS)–In contrast to ‘dead’ weights of Sand Bag, JoyPlus Aqua bag reacts to your every movement. Every repitition is different. It’s excellent Challenge for muscles and motor to give different action to control each time. This trains athletes to be robust, promotes muscle growth for the fitness lover, Good Balance Training.
👍 SUPER COMFORTABLE & SECURE– JoyPlus Aqua Bag has a SOFT AND SMOOTH surface to reduce friction, hence it reduces damages from injuries during workout. There is NO PAIN if the auqa bag dropped. It’s absolutely safe! While you exercise with this sandbag alternative, You will hear the sound of clear water, like a splendid music. So so so relaxed!
👍 EXTREME DURABLE –JoyPlus Aqua Bag has Multiple Handles with Heavy Duty Stitching& No-Leak Closure. It’s the best Weightlifting, Strength Training, Exercise Equipment.
👍 ULTIMATE FULL BODY WORKOUT — JoyPlus Aqua bag is good for Upswings. Alternating Front Lunges with Figure 8 arms, Short Shuffle Twists, RDL into Press Rotations. Clean and Press, Bent Over Row/Anterior Raise,Single Arm Tricep Extensions & Bicep Curls. PERFECT for beginner athletes and seasoned bodybuilders.
👍 WORKOUTS POSTER & WEIGHT MARK –It’s Poster available for JoyPlus Aqua bag.We supplied this sandbag alternitive with aqua training bag workouts to guide beginner athletes how to exercise with this products properly. What’s more, we make different weight mark in the aqua bag surface, Beginner athletes can follow the indicator to see how many pounds of water is in the JoyPlus based on the water level height. Have great fun with it!