JERSUM Ab Exercise Mat – Portable Lightweight High Density Foam f.21.89


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JERSUM Ab Exercise Mat – Portable Lightweight High Density Foam f

JERSUM EXCERCISE MAT – COMPLETE WITH COOLING SPORT TOWEL CONFORTABLE SIT-UP Your JERSUM ab pad is a very comfortable abdominal mat for home or gym use. The ergonomically made sit-up pad is not too hard to hurt your back and not too soft to cause unbalance. It is made to nurture proper sit-up form and prevent injury all while taking unnecessary strain off your lower back during workouts. SAFE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE Your extremely lightweight and compact exercise pad is made perfectly with portability in mind. It will stay firm and not slide or wobble so you can focus on the workout instead of worrying about stabilizing your body. SUPERIOR QUALITY Each JERSUM ab pad is made of durable PVC leather and filled with high density foam to guarantee you years of sit-up support. EASY TO USE Using your blue cooling sport towel is as simple as soaking it in water, wringing it out, shaking the towel 3-5 times and wearing it. It has an instantly cooling effect no matter what activity or exercise you participate in. It is super absorbent, refreshing and breathable. OPTIMAL FOR A FULL RANGE OF ABDOMINAL EXCERCISES Your JERSUM abdominal sit-up pad cushions the back and takes stress off the spine. It is made from durable, specially contoured PVC leather for optimal comfort and range of motion for core training, crunches and sit-ups. This pad is an effective tool for your Ab routine. WHAT IS INCLUDED? – 1 x JERSUM Abdominal Sit-up Pad
– 1 x Cooling Sport Towel

Our Jersum abdominal exercise situp pad is safe and lightweight. It is designed to offer a full range of motion while targeting the entire abdominal muscle group.
There is no set-up required while the easy portability and the mat’s standard size will work for any user to work towards your aesthetic goals and increase your core strength with this amazing and effective exercise mat
Your streamlined black and yellow abdominal sit-up pad is made from PVC leather and high density foam for maximum support.
The cooling sport towel is made from high quality 100% polyester material with dimensions 75 cm x 28 cm and a weight of 0.037 kg. Your refreshing, quick dry and super absorbant towel is perfect for athletes, runners and sports at home or at the gym.
Included in this offer is a Abdominal sit-up pad with dimensions of 37 x 30 x 7 cm with a weight of 0.6 kg and a cooling sport towel.