HVUE Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Whole Body Workout Vibrat.136.88


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HVUE Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Whole Body Workout Vibrat

Vibration Platform Plate Whole Body Vibration Are you still looking for a easier way to workout or lose some weight? Here comes our vibration machine, the most popular equipment among the passive exercise. It is designed for whole body workout with 180 speed level and 3 training channels. Be ready to reshape your body in arms, hip, legs and abdomen with our music player Whole Body Vibration Plate Platform while watching TV or listening to music at home or office. On-board & Remote Control Various Mode & Speed Level ABS Shell and Stable Base Safe & Multiple Accessories USB & Bluetooth Player

🙈【MULTIPLE MODE & SPEED LEVEL】- Features 180 Speed Level and 3 Training Channels. Walking, Jogging, Running are all available. Feel free to combine the vibration exercise with normal workout, such as sit-up, push-up, yoga ,etc
🙈【KEEP HEALTHY】- While you are doing exercises on the vibration platform, the magnet physiotherapy system is massaging your feet, which helps relax your body and improves the circulation through meridian and acupuncture points
🙈【USB VIBRATION PLATE】- Enjoy music while exercising. This device support USB & Bluetooth connect, compatible to phone, tablet, MP3 Player, or laptop with bluetooth. 10 minutes vibration a day, 3 times a week. Boost your metabolism, burn calories, improve circulation, increase bone density, and tone your body
🙈【SAFE ON-BOARD】- LCD digital display has program selection, start/stop, music play, speed/time Selection, time display. Features both on-board control and remote control.400W super power motor works silent and efficient. Power outage protection, overheat protection, and so on
🙈【WIDE APPLICATION】- Rhythmic full body vibration massage has been proven to relax muscles while increasing blood flow throughout the body, muscle pain relief and recover. With this electric body massager that digs deep and oscillates for lasting,high-penetration body massaging vibrations, sending waves of relief to your achy soles, tired ankles, cramped legs, calves and waist