GLACUS Twister Arm Exerciser, Adjustable 22-440lbs Hydraulic Powe.38.99


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GLACUS Twister Arm Exerciser, Adjustable 22-440lbs Hydraulic Powe

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Double-Layer carbon steel tube

Made of high-density double carbon steel, firm and durable, won’t easily be deformed and broken!

PU soft rubber handle

Ergonomically designed PU handle provides you with a more comfortable grip.Special anti-slip texture design protects against accidental falling off.

Buckle for easily store

The buckle of the handle’s bottom is easy to store and convenient to carry.


Hydraulic Pressure Protection

Hydraulic power twister which is safer and more durable because of the patented hydraulic adjustment system principle. Our hydraulic power twister which is safer and more durable. There is no danger of the spring breaking, will not rebound and hurt yourself!

Say goodbye to your old spring power twister!

The spring power twister’s spring back is violent, it’s dangers to use.

The spring in the middle will easily pinch yourself

The spring is prone to break after prolonged use.



-20 Levels Adjustable Resistance-Unique Triangle Design-Double Steel Tube Design-Hydraulic Pressure Protection System-Develop Your Grip and Build Strength


Material: Steel, PUColor: Red, Blue, Yellow, Dark greenFold size: 16.5 x 6.3 inResistance Capacity: 400 lbs

The double steel tube design makes the entire arm exerciser more sturdy and durable, lasts for a long time.Hydraulic Cylinder provides protection for safe use, with PU Grips which is comfortable and Non-slip.The resistance can be adjusted by rotating the knob, simple and convenient. Adjust to the suitable resistance as needed to make exercise more effective and avoid muscle strain.The unique golden ratio triangle support will always keep the power twister in a stable state to ensure safety for use, ensure stability, and durability.20 levels and 400 lbs capacity meet all needs whether you are a novice or veteran, increase the muscle strength of the entries upper arm & body.

đŸ’Ș【Adjustable Resistance】This power twister allows you to adjust it to your desired resistance strength using its rotating knob. It actually offers a step-less adjustment from 22 to 440lbs. so that you can achieve your fitness goals. Other than exercising your arms, the power twister will allow you to reduce abdominal fat and arm fat while building your chest muscles.
đŸ’Ș【Strength Fitness Training Machine】Fixed triangle center design, exercise is more stable,safer adjust the angle, the opening angle is unchanged, the exercise stroke is also unchanged and it is more effective for muscle training.Perfect for exercising your wrists,arms,shoulders,chest and back at the same time,developing your grip,building strength on your fingers,wrists,and increase the muscle strength of the upper body.
đŸ’Ș【Hydraulic Pressure Protection】power twister also boasts a triangular design which ensures that it remains stable and safe while in use. Again, its opening angle remains the same even if you adjust the resistance strength which makes it more effective. Other than that, this tool prides itself on patented hydraulic pressure protection. For this reason, it will remain safe with no spring breakages or deformation.
đŸ’Ș【Strong and Sturdy Material】The hydraulic power twister is made of high-density dual-carbon steel, reinforced with a ribbed design, and reinforced with 10 screws. Very metallic, not easy to deform and break. The core is a fully sealed hydraulic cylinder, which has a simple structure, reliable operation, adjustable resistance, and is very safe. It can provide stable resistance strength and will not weaken with the passage of time.
đŸ’Ș【Safe Use Tips】This power twister also features a stable triangle structure which ensures that it remains safe all the time. What’s more, the handles of this tool are made with PU soft rubber to guarantee a slip-resistant and comfortable grip. Even better, the power twister allows you to buckle up the handle for convenient storage or transportation.