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EAST MOUNT Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment, Exercise Equipmen

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[DO EXERCISE ANYWHERE] EAST MOUNT Portable home gyms are a fairly new fitness product that combines sets of fitness tools and resistance bands, and combines them into an ultimate package that allows you to get strength, resistance, and sometimes cardio training exercises without having to invest in gym memberships or more commercial-level fitness equipment.
[PUSH UP Bar Board] The Basic Push Up Board comes with multiple positions and angles to perform different exercises to target upper body muscles. You just need to place the handles into the holes.The locations are color coded, so you can quickly find the holes where to put the push up handles for the particular drill.
[HEAVY DUTY REINFORCED STEEL BARS] Included in the EAST MOUNT Portable Gym set are heavy duty reinforced steel bars that allow you to do heavier, more intense workouts. If you’re a more advanced user, you’ll appreciate that this set can handle heavier resistance and loads.
[EASY ASSEMBLY] The EAST MOUNT Portable Gym comes with instructions on how to put everything together within a matter of minutes. If you’re tired of using workout equipment that require an advanced degree, then you’ll appreciate this simple, easy to use workout set.
[EXTENSIVE WORKOUT GUIDE] If you’re just getting started in your fitness journey, this is such a great resource to have. The Guide Book will teach you about various different exercises and what parts of the body you’ll be working out.