DMoose Fitness Ankle Strap for Cable Machines


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DMoose Ankle Strap for Cable Machine Attachments – Gym Ankle Cuff for Kickbacks, Glute Workouts, Leg Extensions, Curls

Product Description


Build Stronger, Leaner Muscles in Your Legs, Core, and Butt with Ankle Straps from DMoose Fitness

We all want strong, toned, shapely legs, but traditional workout machines don’t give you the kind of support you need to expand your muscle-building routines. That’s why we developed DMoose Fitness Ankle Straps that help you sculpt your lower body with customized workouts that can be done at home, the gym, or on the go with stretchy fitness bands and cable machine systems. Designed to attach to your ankles, our straps ensure you never skip “leg day” by helping you get the best leg workout and body sculpting possible.

Product Details:

Cable Machine Ankle Straps (Single or Pair)
Fully Adjustable Comfort Fit
Hook and Loop Closure Strap
Lightweight, Breathable Neoprene
Wide, Padded, Non-Slip Support
High-Grade Nylon with Double D-Ring



Improved Hook and Loop System

The premium-grade, double-stitched nylon is stronger for heavy pulls and the hook and loop closure keeps it from coming undone or slipping off in the middle of a pull. It also distributes weight more evenly to keep it from digging in to your ankle.







Stainless-Steel D-Rings

Each cuff is also fitted with an improved fastening system and steel D-rings to support extra weights, pulls, and stretches during heavy workouts and fitness routines.

Flexible, Comfortable Neoprene

Our extra-wide ankle cuffs are made with a thick, breathable neoprene that’s gentle on sensitive skin and ensures smooth, evenly distributed pressure with every movement.

Low-Impact Training

Ideal for progressive resistance training, hook up our ankle strap to your machine or workout band and progress training or recovery based on your own needs.


Proper Form and Leverage

The smart-fit ankle strap design stays in place once secured to keep it from rubbing or chaffing skin and to give you more control over your leg raises, leg lifts, kick outs, hip abductors, and general body sculpting.

Support Area

Arms, chest, abdomen, glutes and legs

Muscle tension of the whole body

Neck, Shoulder Support

Body, Legs, Abdominals, Back, Arm

Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Glutes, Legs

Use Case

Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Recovery

Boxing, MMA, Aerobics and Fitness training

Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts

Pull-ups, chin-ups, ring-dips, and muscle-ups

Strength building, Muscle toning, Physical therapy, Pilates, Stretching


Strengthen hip abductors and external rotators

Shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed

Extra Thick High-Performance Rubber Foam, Non-Slip Technology

Increase Muscle Strength, 6 Resistance Levels, Versatile Usage

Made with High-Quality 100% Nature Latex and High-Grade Silicon, Highly Elastic


Pack of 5

3 different colors



11 Pcs Set

Multipurpose Gym Exercise Routines – Gym ankle straps can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers, and similar equipment for leg extension, leg curls, hip abductors, and glute workouts.
Strong, Stable Resilience – We use a sweat-resistant, breathable neoprene ankle cuff that’s easier on your body, reinforced steel double D ring, and double stitching to ensure long-lasting equipment strength and wide fastening comfort.
Classic Colors and Patterns – These ankle straps for men and women also come in both singles or pairs as well as a variety of fun colors you’ll love including American pride, black, pink, red, magenta, grey camo, blue, and cyan.
Genuine Lifetime Satisfaction – Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long-lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement.