CoreSlings Cable Exercise Handles with Finger Straps for gripping.19.99


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CoreSlings Cable Exercise Handles with Finger Straps for gripping

Perfect for resistance bands, pulley machines, cable machines, rowing machine, fitness machines and home gym equipment. Great for LAT pulldowns on exercise machine, pullups and other hanging exercises.

Length adjustable.
Finger straps for grip and forearm strength training.
Vertical gripping to diversify your workout.
Fit for resistance bands and cable machines.

Length Adjustable: Easy to adjust the length of the fitness handles for your training needs. You can setup the cable machine handles length between 23.6” and 16.5”.
Finger Straps for Gripping and Forearm Training: Attaching the fingers straps to the handles or using them separately, allows you to workout your muscles while improving your grip strength without even doing a separate training. Attach the finger straps to weights, kettlebells, cable attachments, resistance bands to improve strength and flexible in the wrists, fingers, and forearms. Also helps to recover in hand injury, arthritis.
Vertical Gripping Available: Diversify your workout by holding the handles in vertical gripping way, make them also your hand grips strengthener exerciser. The grip strength trainer helps to increase forearm strength and endurance. Ideal for not only fitness training but also for extreme sports enthusiasts such as rock climbing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, ninja warriors, gymnastics, and parkour.
Attachable to the Rowing Workout Bar: Attach the row handles to traditional LAT pulldown bar or press down bar allows the arm rotational movements according to training needs.
Durable, Two Carabiners Included: Package includes a pair of 3.15” big carabiners. Our training handles are designed to be wider and more comfortable than normal ones. Premium quality in steel d-ring, thick woven nylon webbing, and heavy-duty stitching.