colorfarm Weighted Fitness Hoops for Adults & Beginners Weight Lo.18.79


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colorfarm Weighted Fitness Hoops for Adults & Beginners Weight Lo

Product Description

The weighted fitness hoop is not only a classic toy or a tool for artistic movement, but also a weight management exercise workout equipment that can burn fat.

What benefits can you enjoy after using this hoop?

Burns Body FatReduces abdominal fatWorks Your Lower BodyImproves your balanceImproves your aerobic healthIncreases core muscleBoosts cardiovascular fitnessRelaxes your mind, Boost Your Mood

Enjoy this fun and interesting sports, achieve to your ideal body!

Keep your body healthy by simply doing short fitness exercises every day. You can have both health and fun, Perfect for children, adults, old people. Do exercise on home, office, gym, garden, beaches, Easy to assemble and carry.

It is a good choice for fitness and weight loss.

Warning Tips:

1. It is recommended to use 15 to 30 minutes each time.

2. Do Not put a exercise hoop around your neck.

3. Women should avoid exercise during pregnancy and menstruation.

4. Beginners may feel pain in their waist and abdomen after the first use. This is a normal phenomenon. If you get the same feeling, you can keep using it after a few days of rest. It won’t feel pain after slowly adjusting.

5. Read the manual or professional video before you using the sport equipment.