Chambridge Ab Roller Wheel Fitness Equipment with Smart Brake and.31.80


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Chambridge Ab Roller Wheel Fitness Equipment with Smart Brake and

1.Get a Flat, Toned Tummy in No Time: This premium core strengthening wheel helps build and tone your abs, arms & back. Effectively work out your core at home, the gym, or the office!
Ultra-Wide Wheel: Ultra wide wheel provide extra stability and it will not tip sideways. Also the spherical wheel allows users to carve left or right, helping to provide a smooth workout. High grade TPE material of the exercise wheel is odourless and will not damage your bare/wood floor or carpet.
Stronger Steel Disc Spring Mechanism: Unlike traditional ab toning wheels, the Chambridge Fitness Ab Carver uses unique Steel Disc Spring that provides better resistance as users roll out and roll back: High-elastic, shock-free rebound, even pressing force, mute, engaging muscles more thoroughly. Its smart brake and automatic rebound design can meet the needs of beginners and professionals.
When you buy our Ab Wheel, you also get a FREE foam knee pad to protect your knees from excessive load and allows you to concentrate on exercises
Full Year Warranty:Baiwen offers one year warranty for all the item it sells and pursues the best customer service on Amazon.