Buluri Fitness Agility Ladder & Sport Speed Training Set – 2 Agil.26.99


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Buluri Fitness Agility Ladder & Sport Speed Training Set – 2 Agil

Product Description

Agility ladderAgility ladder



The Training set includes

✔ 2 * 19.6 ft speed and Agility Ladders

✔12 *Disc Cones, 4 *metal hooks

✔1*Resistance Parachute

✔1*Carry Bag

Take your training with you on the go.

1. The agility ladder can improve the ability to move quickly; it can improve the flexibility, balance and coordination of the body.

2. The exercise of the agility ladder can enhance the function of the sole muscles, the small muscle groups of the ankle and knee joints, and reduce the probability of lower limb injuries. Can improve the rhythm of body movement.

3. The ladder is the most versatile training tool, and it can also help improve your multi-directional speed and acceleration. Rehearsing the ladder over and over again will increase the nervous system’s memory of speed, allowing you to make rapid movements in all directions when necessary.

Agility ladder

Agility ladder

✔ 19.6 ft speed and agility ladder

High functioning webbing that makes it easy to work on any surface

✔12 premium quality cones.

you can design a vast variety of footwork drills both indoors and outdoors.perfect for various sports drills.

✔ Running parachute

mprove first step quickness, top end speed, and explosive power.

❀SPORTS TRAINING SET: The Training set includes 2* Agility Ladders , 12 *Disc Cones, 4 *metal hooks,1*Resistance Parachute ,1*Carry Bag. Take your training with you on the go.
❀ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL : The sturdy plastic rungs, lightweight nylon bands and robust metal stakes will handle the wear and tear of workouts, help you get the most of your training needs. 2 agility ladders allow longer use.
❀FULLY ADJUSTABLE GEAR :The agility ladder set customizes your practice set up, workout, exercise drills to improve explosiveness, balance and endurance for cardio and speed workouts. The resistance parachute simulates sled workout creating drag and increasing leg drive and top end running speed that translates to any sport.
❀DEVELOP SPORTS TRAINING SKILLS : Burn fat and add fun and variety to your workout with a progressive exercise plan using our foot ladder and agility disc cones. Create a variety of drills for improving speed, agility, coordination, reflexes, footwork, balance, and explosiveness.
❀IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR & INDOOR TRAINING : able for adults and kids, coaches and athletes. Perfect for football, basketball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, running, boxing or any sport requiring speed and alertness.