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Balance Board Trainer | Core Stability | Wobble Exercise Fitness

StrongBoard Balance is today’s premier balance board. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, it is portable and electricity-free. It employs patented multi-spring technology which promises users will never find a point of stabilization. Compressing under any weight bearing load, including the human body, StrongBoard’s springs are both reactive and dynamic. Simply standing on StrongBoard requires total core engagement. Unlike other balance devices on the market, StrongBoard Balance offers a flat, rigid platform, and it’s perfect for standing on one foot or two, planking on one hand or two, and v-sit exercises, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight. StrongBoard is easy and safe to get on and off, and its flat platform protects joints and surrounding ligaments from unnatural supination or strain, allowing the user to mimic real-life movements in all positions. StrongBoard Balance weighs 15 pounds and may also be used as a weight for bicep, tricep, chest and abdominal exercises. In addition to the muscular and skeletal benefits, use of StrongBoard requires the muscles to communicate with the brain, effectively opening, healing, restoring and strengthening delicate neural pathways. The biomechanics of spring technology coupled with the rigid platform require users to find their true center of gravity, allowing these neural pathways to be created or restored without fragmentation. StrongBoard delivers profound results to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, creating desired changes in how users look and feel, as well as improvement in balance, core strength, agility and posture. All StrongHold Fitness products are proudly made in America. Best New Fitness Equipment, 2016”
Perfect for all fitness levels. This premiere balance board provides a flat, anti-slip platform to protect joints, tendons and ligaments from excessive supination, supporting the kinetic chain for optimal performance. Easy to get on and off.
Improve your mind body connection with patented Multi Spring Technology. Intuitively responsive, StrongBoard requires mental focus for greater self awareness and control. Great tool to mitigate restlessness caused by ADD and ADHD.
Durable, military-grade, core trainer offers users a full range of motion for maximum proprioceptive gains, increased reaction times, better posture, agility, stamina and strength.
Perfect for weight loss and muscle tone, Burn more calories in less time with this full body workout that strengthens the core and stabilizer muscles. Made in the USA. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. 3 Year Warranty.
Prevent injury and strengthen weaknesses with moving ab, leg and glute exerciser. StrongBoard’s responsive platform will reveal imbalances and strains while activating the central nervous system to heal and restore.