AR-PRO Gym Exercise Equipment Mat with Anti-Sliding Floor Grip | .24.99


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AR-PRO Gym Exercise Equipment Mat with Anti-Sliding Floor Grip |

Gym Exercise Equipment Mat with Anti-Sliding Floor Grip | Customer Trusted Treadmill Mat and Floor Protectors | Made of Shock Absorbent Recycled Rubber (Set of 6)

PROTECT YOUR EXERCISE EQUIPMENT AND YOUR FLOOR – Even after just one or two uses, your exercise equipment can begin to scratch and scrape the floor surface. The solution? An AR-PRO Exercise Equipment Mat for every foot of your equipment. You’ll be surprised by the difference a simple rubber mat can make.
DECREASE NOISE AND VIBRATION – Don’t you just hate that rattling noise as you run on the treadmill? Enjoy your workout without the annoying sound of machine vibration and also without the fear of disturbing your family and neighbors!
PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF FLOORING – Whether you have a hardwood or a tile floor, these home gym floor mats will do its job. Reduce noise and vibration and protection for both your equipment and floor. Worried about your shiny floors? Rest your worries as these rubber floor protective mats are non-slip and can even provide additional traction.
SHOCK ABSORBENT RUBBER FLOOR PROTECTIVE MATS – Made from 0.5-inch thick, dense, and durable recycled rubber, these protective exercise equipment mats can handle heavy and bulky equipment. Not only that, with its shock-absorbing properties, these gym equipment mats will serve as cushions your exercise equipment has always needed.
PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES AND SIZES OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – Treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, stationary bikes, power towers, twisting stair steppers – you name it! These gym equipment mats’ 4-inch length and 4-inch width make it almost universally compatible with a wide array of gym equipment and even non-exercise equipment at home!