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Aquastrength Hydro-Tone Total Body System

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Hydro-Bell & Aquastrength Fins – Total Body System

This Total Body System contains both the Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells and the Maximum Resistance Aquastrength Fins. Maximum Resistance Bells & Fins are ideal for moderate to slower tempo movements. Also used by powerful athletes throughout their range of motion and at increased speeds.

Hydro-Bells Size PerspectiveHydro-Bells Size Perspective

Hydro-Bells – Like Two Bells in One

Hydro-Bells are a yellow hydrodynamic resistor with three-dimensional configurations designed to enhance and take advantage of the total resistance field of water. Bells can be rotated 90 degrees to change the resistance from medium to maximum by changing the drag surface area.

This principle allows students to adjust an exercise to meet their specific strength limitations and/or their exercise goals. You might start some warm-up moves with the bell turned to move through the water with less resistance at first and then turn the bell to go through the same movement with increased resistance. Additionally, you can work at higher speeds for a movement with the bell turned in the direction of less resistance. Since there are both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers you might want to work at various speeds to develop both types of fibers during your workout.

Since you are ultimately in control of the resistance based on your input, these bells are adaptable for all levels of fitness.


Maximum Resistance Aquastrength Fins

The Aquastrength Fins have been designed to further enhance the waters 3D properties. This means that the Fins can be moved in any direction and provide a smooth uniform resistance.The Aquastrength Fins provide a high intensity, low impact workout workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. The level of resistance is controlled by how hard the user pushes, the harder you push, the harder the workout meaning you can easily progress / regress exercise variations to suit.Most effective when used in conjunction with Upper Body Bells. The fins can also be worn on the forearm in lieu of or in addition to the Upper Body Bells.

Maximum Resistance Resistance Fins – The Aquastrength Fins provide high resistance. These maximum resistance Fins are superior in high intensity lower body water exercises. You achieve results with high tempo water exercises, dynamic neuromuscular training, athletic performance training, rehabilitation and injury recovery pool training.

Hydro-Tone Aquatic BoxingHydro-Tone Aquatic Boxing

Benefits of Aquatic Resistance Training

Weight Loss/ ManagementToning & SculptingResistance TrainingMuscle BuildingMobility / FlexibilityPlanning & Periodization for AthletesSpeed, Strength, Power Development

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Hydro TBS Square

Hydro TBS Square

Hydro-Tone Aquatic Fitness Workout Guide

Hydro-Tone Aquatic Fitness Workout Guide

We are homegrown

Our high quality ABS and Poly-carbonate plastic is molded here and all products are hand assembled in beautiful San Diego, California.

This Listing Includes the Maximum Resistance Bells and Aquastrength Fins

Combining the bells and fins together will give you a dynamic full body aquatic workout for fitness and conditioning and also a fuller range of motion, stabilization and coordination for injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Quick Start Guide w/ 15 Sample Movements

We want to get you started right away with a guide showing you a wide range of movements you can perform with the Total Body System.

3 dimensional design for aquatic upper and lower body exercise
Used by Olympic athletes, serious trainers, physical therapists and doctors worldwide
Hi-impact polypropylene with U.V. and chlorine resistance factors
Resistance is directly impacted by the speed of your movements
Quick Start Guide included