【2021 Update】 Core Exercise Sliders (Set of 2), Smooth Gliders Du.6.98


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【2021 Update】 Core Exercise Sliders (Set of 2), Smooth Gliders Du

【EFFECTIVE MOVEMENT】 Break body adaptation and burn fat to reveal leaner, flatter abs. Improve agility, stability, coordination. Training all parts of your body muscles, great for abs, glutes, legs and so on.
【COMPACT & CONVENIENT】 Small, light, and compact, making it easy to store them when not in use, With these little core discs you can do many different exercises, even in a small place.
【FUNNY】Your Hands or Feet Never Leave The Floor, Which Offers an Incredible Core Workout Low-Impact&Weight-Bearing Exercise, Great for Building Your Core&AB Strength.
【DURABLE AND LONG LASTING】Diameter: 18cm(7inch),2 Core Sliders, Well made sliding discs, Material: ABS+foam+fiber; Item Weight: 140g; Could load weight up to 400lbs.
【DUAL SIDED FOR MULTIPLE SURFACES 】ou’ll be able to bring your Sliders everywhere you go and with the dual sides, you can slide on multiple surfaces! Double-sided use on hard floors and carpeted floors, smooth side use on carpeted floors while soft side uses on hard floors. The Plastic side works best on softer surfaces, like carpet or turf.