Do ab machines burn belly fat? How to lose belly fat

Do ab machines burn belly fat

When it comes to burning fat, the cardio exercise is the most effective. It burns fats from different parts of the body, even the belly fat which is hard to work out. What are the exercises for burning fat? Do ab machines burn belly fat?

Belly fat is found around the waistline and could be a sign of disease. Proper nutrition and exercise are needed to prevent any kind of disease and to prevent fats from spreading over the middle portion of the body. There is a wide array of options but many people do not know where to start.

Do ab machines burn belly fat?

Most people have the misconception that ab machines can burn belly fat. Do ab machines burn belly fat? The answer is no. Ab rockers, coasters, or rollers are not the right kind of machines for burning belly fats.

Ab machines are intended to strengthen and tone ab muscles, but they do not burn belly fat. There are also instances that while you may have toned ab muscles, they are actually covered with belly fat.

Treadmill and resistance machines are more likely to burn belly fat than ab machines. To know more exercise machines that are suitable for helping belly fat loss here is easy to understand article for you.

How to lose belly fat with exercise machines

In order to uncover your ab muscles, you need to use exercise machines that are suited for burning belly fat. Here are some exercise machines that you can use:

Cardio machines

Some of the most traditional yet effective workouts to burn belly fat are jogging, pedaling an elliptical, and other calorie-burning activities. Treadmills, pedals, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and step mills are some of the cardio machines that support these workouts.

For effective belly fat burning cardio exercises, aim for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on a cardio machine. The first fats that you will burn are the dangerous visceral fats, and next are the subcutaneous fats.

Cardio machines also support high-intensity interval training that involves alternating high-intensity exercises with moderate-intensity training.

Resistance training machines

Resistance training enhances fat-burning hormones and helps you build lean muscles. The lean tissues support a stronger burning metabolism and aid in burning calories at rest.

Although resistance training machines are tagged as useless exercise machines for ab muscles, they support ab exercise by burning belly fat and getting your body ready for more intense workouts.

Examples of resistance training machines are the leg curl, lat pulls down, chest press, biceps curl, shoulder press, and more.

Any kind of workout starts with a proper diet and nutrition. If you are working out for a better lifestyle, the first step is to change your diet. Do not eat junk food and avoid fatty foods.

Then, dedicate an ample amount of time every day for exercise. Cardio exercise improves resistance and prepares the body for a more intense workout.

How ab machines burn belly fat?

Even without the use of cardio machines and resistance training machines, you can burn belly fat with simple workouts. The most popular is to jog outside.

It is not only a form of cardio and resistance training exercises; it is also a natural, healthy way to de-stress and breathe fresh air.

Other aerobic training includes riding a bike, swimming, walking, aerobic rowing, and more. These are also fun activities that can be enjoyed with friends.


Many people believe that ab machines can burn belly fat. This is a misconception. Although ab machines target ab muscles, they do not burn fat. They work on the different layers of the abdominal muscles but do not help lose the fat surrounding the waist.

It is important to prevent belly fat because it could be a sign of disease and other health issues. It could also affect confidence and self-esteem.

In order to burn fat more effectively and in no time, do cardio exercises and resistance training workouts.

The right kinds of exercise machines for burning belly fat are the cardio machines such as treadmills, pedals, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and step mill; and resistance training machines such as leg curl, lat pull down, chest press, biceps curl, and shoulder press.

With proper nutrition and the right kind of exercise, you can use ab machines to burn belly fat, strengthen your ab muscles, and achieve your fitness goals.

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