Best Abs workouts from Beachbody Reviews

Best Abs workouts from Beachbody

Do you want lean, defined abdominals and obliques?  Well, who doesn’t?

One of the first places that we retain fat is the abdominal area…and the hardest place to train to get the lean, well-defined muscles that we want…luck would have it, right?

Having a trim core can help determine how to fit a person is.  Thinking back 2 years ago to my annual physical at the Doctor’s office, I recall she measuring my middle (measuring tape held at the belly button); after she measured my waist (and before she took my weight)

She told me immediately that I needed to lose some weight…Ummmm what? I can still rock a size 6…not a 4 anymore…but a 6. What is she talking about???

She told me that ideally for a healthy weight, a female’s waist should be no more than 35 inches…what foolishness, I thought…

But she is the professional, so I dig into my work out bin (the one with all my Beachbody workout DVDs), and pick one that will target my core… I have a few to choose from.

Again, let me ask you, do you want lean, well-defined abs?  Of course, you do.  Well here are some of the best Abs workouts from Beachbody; all designed to target your core, which will give you that that amazingly flat ab that you desire.

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Top 7 Best Abs workouts from Beachbody


Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit

PiYo is the perfect low impact work out if you want hardcore results with no weights and no jumping.  With this workout, start with Align: The Fundamentals (this is a 40 mins video breaking down the moves step by step) and use the calendar, which is designed to provide hardcore results.  This set of DVDs consists of a series of total body workouts.  However, the two most effective workouts for abs are the Core (30 mins) and the Strength Intervals (25 mins) DVDs.

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

The name says it all…Hip Hop Abs!  This is a fun workout for your abdominal muscles, and I say fun because this is one of the very few abs workouts that doesn’t require spending a lot of time on the floor doing crunches and sit-ups, which makes this the ultimate ab sculpting system–in my book. Shaun T’s secrets to flat is his tilt, tuck, and tighten technique, which is done while you dance the fat away.  What are my two favorite workouts in this DVD set?  Fat Burning Cardio (30 mins of pure fun) and Total Body Burn (45 mins of the head to toe feel-good fat burning workout)

Core De Force

Beachbody CORE DE FORCE Base Kit DVD workout program

Core De Force is fairly new to Beachbody, and I love it. I am a big fan of MMA workouts and this is no different. Joel and Jericho take us on a 30-day ride of MMA inspired workouts. These workouts are guaranteed to burn those stubborn belly fat, cutting inches from your waist…but the best thing is you will feel badass doing it.


P90X3 DVD Workout Base Kit - Tony Horton

I love this man, I love every last one of his workouts, but this is by far my favorite from Tony Horton. P90X3 will get your abs totally ripped in just 30 minutes a day. An hour-long workout is not for me, so working out for a fraction of the time (30 mins), and still getting insane results…umm yeah. My favorite muscle-builder the Incinerator.

Turbo Fire

TurboFire DVDWorkout

This is an intense cardio conditioning that is guaranteed to melt the fat away. So the back story on Turbo Fire…well it scared me…yes me…Insanity lover.  After Turbo Jam, this was scary for me…seriously! So let me warn you now, although this is a fun workout, look at the name again…TURBO FIRE. This is an intense workout guaranteed to burn the fat from every inch of your body.  Every DVD in this set will burn fat and sculpt those abs…Fire Classes, Sculpt Classes, HIIT Classes, and my two favorites, the core 20 Class and Abs 10 Class.

Body Beast

Body Beast DVD Workout - Base Kit

I don’t have much to say about this workout except that the name says it all. This is designed to burn fat, define muscle, and get ripped abs with weight training–in 90 days.  You will be showing off your sexy abs in no time with Body Beast.

21 Day Fix

Beachbody 21 Day Fix Workout Program

21 Day Fix comes with portion control containers.   You can eat whatever you like, but you have to follow the color-coded container rule…each color corresponds with a certain kind of food. So, following this rule with Autumn’s 30 mins workout…you’ll be on your way to perfect abs in no time at all.  You will love the Pilates Fix to strengthen the core and the upper body fix will help shape those abs, arms, shoulders, and chest.

Why not start your journey to obtaining those chiseled abs that you want?  Summer around the corner–after all.

Have you tried any of the above workouts? is this not just for  Please share your experience with us

Please note to the first check with your doctor before you start any exercise program.

Have a great weekend!